Am I the artist for you?

You are looking for an artist that

  • will bring your original character (OC) to life!
  • will create a character with line art, full color, and cell shading. 
  • has many options to create your ideal piece
  • enjoys the fantasy genre and looks forwards to bringing your unique person into visual existence! 

Then, Hello! 

Below you will find samples from my webcomic Fortune’s Fancy. I enjoy digital painting, but I am still working on getting a consistent result with it. At this time I am offering line art, flat color, and cell shading. 

How to contact me:

email at
Discord at unkemptsnugglepepper#0556

We will discuss your character, your ideal piece, and a price. I will have you sign a Terms of Service and Commission Agreement. The total is due after these documents are completed. This keeps me from doing work and not getting paid, it keeps you from paying me and not getting a finished piece. 

Example of a character description: Drexel (see below) has sad blue eyes, unruly red hair, and pale skin. He’s a wizard who lives alone as a hermit, going into a little town as seldom as possible. He wears patchy, desaturated robes and frequently pretends to have much less ability than he actually posses. 

Current Commission Prices


a character from the bust up
$ 20
  • add a background (25%) $5
  • add a character (50%) $10
  • "It's complicated" fee (25%) $5

Half Body

a character from the waist up
$ 40
  • add a background (25%) $10
  • add a character (50%) $20
  • "It's complicated" fee (25%) $10

Full Body

a character from head to toes
$ 50
  • add a background (25%) $12.50
  • add a character (50%) $25
  • "It's complicated" fee (25%) $12.50

Definitions of Terms

Standard features

  • high quality .png file of the finished work. (.jpeg available upon request)
  • sketches throughout the process
  • a single color background
  • full color character with lineart and a shading layer


This is a character from the bust up. It is best if you wish to show facial features. If you wish to include items (weapons or accessories) I suggest a half body.

detailed braids and flowers will fall under the “It’s complicated” fee. 

In addition to the shading layer, a lighting layer can be added. 

Backgrounds can be simple shapes or take the entire canvas. 


This is good if you wish to show part of the outfit, a weapon, or two characters interacting. It also allows for one or both hands to be shown, giving more life to the character. Half body is also great for showing multiple characters, since there’s only so much feet can do. 

I’m all for dorky

Blush is no extra fee. 

Magic can be added, depending on the complexity, it may fall under the “It’s complicated” fee. 

Full body

This is a full character, from head to toe. Sketches will include the character standing in an average pose to show the full outfit, but the finished product can be in a more dynamic pose. 

Go Cheifs!

This is from Mira’s character sheet. 

This is from Drexel’s character sheet. 

Mira imagines Drexel with facial hair regardless of age and I thought it was funny.  

Add character

Two or three characters are fairly easy to draw interacting. I’ve drawn up to five. For larger parties, I will take on a case by case basis and I am willing to discuss fees. The more I know about the characters, their personalities and their interactions, the better. 

Add background

If you wish to have a background, please specify what that would be. Outdoor scenes, simple city or town scenes, generic interiors can be done. For complex backgrounds that involve a lot of detail, that will fall under the “it’s complicated” fee.  Characters may interact with the background, such as pulling a book from a shelf, opening or closing a door, etc. 

“It’s complicated” fee

This is a case by case fee. Stripes and simple patterns are easy to create. Things like a lot of laces, braids, steampunk, having a lot of accessories/very detailed accessories, dynamic poses that require a lot of perspective work or weird angles, detailed backgrounds, and such like will incur this fee. It can be applied multiple times. If character A is very complicated and character B is not, it will be applied once. If character A and character B are complicated, with a detailed background, then it would apply three times. I will not randomly apply this fee, it will be discussed.

This is from a painting. I am currently only offering line and cell shaded pieces, but drawing this would take a while. 

Drawing braids in detail in addition to flowers makes this complicated. I can draw a less detailed braid. 

These are interior shots from my webcomic. Because the idea is to show a room, they have more detail than an average background. 

Yes's and No's

Yes, I will draw this

Original Characters: (I hope that’s why you’re here) Races include: Human, Elf, Hobbit/Half-ling, gnome, (half)orc, tiefling, etc. 
An OC from a fandom: Yes. This works best for book/movie characters, as I will not copy another art style. I would love to draw your OC from (insert popular anime series here) but I’m bad at drawing anime (yeah, it’s lame)
Weapons: Swords, guns, bows, whatever
Mild Violence: Hero character has to look cool right? A little beat up, some blood on the sword, general stuff that you would find in a pg-13 movie, maybe an R action movie that got the rating from cursing and a mild sex scene.
Artistic nudity: comedic situation in which the character is naked, character is just nude-like what you would see at an art gallery
Soft NSFW: kissing, half naked, about to get naked, suggestive with things covered *All characters must be 18+* Ok, teens can kiss. 

Eh, I’ll let you know

Familiars: I’m not the best at drawing animals. I will gladly research and send you some samples. 
Furries: I read a lot of Redwall back in the day and drew a lot of furries, but I’m not sure I’m the person you’re looking for. Those drawings were good for junior high me, not adult me.
Semi-humanoid races: Kajit/tabaxi, argonian/dragonborn, anything along those lines, we can talk. 
Comics/words: As I have mentioned, these characters are from Fortune’s Fancy, a webcomic. I don’t know anything about graphic design or typography. If you want a speech bubble or Adam West Batman POW, we can talk. 


NSFW: Sex, boners, full view vaginas. fetishes that involve bodily fluids and such.
Gore: bloody missing limbs, gross things…I don’t watch horror movies. 
Trigger Warning: Anything that suggests suicide or active negative coping skills (self harm/eating disorders) 
Copy this style: I can copy a lot of other styles. And my art has borrowed traits from other artists, as we all do. However, I draw like me. Even if I copied really well, it’s still mine and still how I draw. If you admire another artist, please commission them. 
Fanart: Yeah, I don’t feel like messing with copyright. :

Rights and Stuff


Artist: The individual producing The Commision: Me, Jamie, unkemptsnugglepepper
Client: The individual purchasing the Commission (you)
Commission: The form of service provided by the Artist to the Client as agreed upon: Also called “Art(work)” “Image(ry)” or “Project(s)”
Commission Agreement: The discussion and agreement between the Artist and Client that defines the subject mater and type of commission to be produced. 
Start of Work: The point in time by which the Client has approved the Artist to start work on the Commission. 
Profile(s): online locations where the Commission may be displayed (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram,, etc) Profile(s) do not include any sites that display hateful or racist imagery illegal activities, or sites known to display reproduce, and/or sell works without crediting the Artist.
Commercial purpose: Any image or project to be commissioned that does not fall under the type of use specified in these Terms of Service. New Terms of Service shall be developed and agreed upon in a Commercial Purpose Commission Agreement prior to Start of Work. 


1. The artist has the right to refuse any commission request, without needing to explain the reason. 

2. The Artist reserves the right to stop work on a Commission, or cancel a Commission request due to poor communication, rude/inapproiate behavior, and inability to effectively communicate in English, or a breach of these Terms of Service. 

3. By commissioning The Artist, The Client is purchasing the Artist’s labor only. The Artist retains all rights to the Commission which includes but is not limited to: Distribution, reporduction, use of the Commission for the Artist promotion (e.g. profiles, etc); unless otherwise specified in a new Terms of Service. 

4. if the Commission is time-sensitive, a rush fee may be applied, to be defined and agreed upon in the Commission Agreement prior to Start of Work. 

5. The Client may not distribute, reproduce, or otherwise profit from the Commission, unless specified in a new Terms of Service. 

6. The client may not edit, alter, or trace the Commission without the Artist’s expressed, written permission. 

6. The Client may display the Commission in Profiles as long as the artists name is prominently displayed and a link to 

7. Digital art Commissions will be provided to the Client via email or an online download in .png format. The Client will notify the Artist of other formats requested (e.g. .tif, .psd, .jpeg). Commissions without a scenic background may be presented with a transparent background or a single color background, as agreed upon by the Client and the Artist. No art will be mailed or presented in physical format. 

8. The Client may request a preview of the Commission at any time during the creation process. 

9. The client may not incorporate the Commission in another work of art or other artist’s commission. A take-down notice will be issued. 

9. Fees are due after the Terms of Service are agreed upon and prior to Artist’s Start of Work. A refund will not be issued before or after Start of Work if any of these Terms of Service are breached. In addition, the Artist has the right to stop work of the Commision at any time after Start of Work if these Terms of Service are breached. If the Artist is unable to complete the Commission and none of the Terms of Services have been breached, the Client may be entitled to a refund based on work completed towards the Commission.